Disappearing Redbridge doctor who issued prescriptions without a licence is struck off

Former Redbridge doctor Godwin Onwuejeogwu has been struck off the General Medical Council's registe

Former Redbridge doctor Godwin Onwuejeogwu has been struck off the General Medical Council's register. Picture: Anthony Devlin - Credit: PA Wire/Press Association Images

A Redbridge doctor who issued prescriptions without a licence has been struck from the UK’s medical register after failing to appear at multiple disciplinary hearings.

A 2017 medical practitioners tribunal found that Godwin Onwuejeogwu issued two prescriptions in January 2016 and July 2015 despite lacking a licence to practise.

Mr Onwuejeogwu was neither present nor represented at that hearing nor at subsequent hearings in September last year and March this year, after which the tribunal decided to erase him for the General Medical Council’s (GMC) register.

In 2017, the disappearing doctor’s registration was suspended for 12 months while he was offered the chance to “remedy his misconduct, develop insight, and to demonstrate remediation”, according to a report published this week.

“Mr Onwuejeogwu knew, or ought to have known, that he did not have a licence to practise at the time of issuing these prescriptions, having been notified by the GMC in October 2014 that his licence to practise had been withdrawn,” it reads.

It adds that Mr Onwuejeogwu failed to provide the GMC with a completed work details form on four separate occasions.

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“The 2017 tribunal found Mr Onwuejeogwu’s conduct in issuing these prescriptions to be misleading, but not dishonest,” it adds.

After failing to appear before a second tribunal in 2018, Mr Onwuejeogwu’s registration was suspended for a further six months and he was granted a “final opportunity” to remedy his transgression.

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But at last month’s tribunal, Mr Onwuejeogwu was still nowhere to be seen.

Barrister Laura Barbour made the case for his “erasure” from the medical register, citing his lack of engagement with the GMC as evidence of a “dangerous lack of interest and motivation, as well as a continuing disregard for his professional responsibilities”.

She said: “Mr Onwuejeogwu has shown a persistent lack of insight into the seriousness of his failings, and has failed to demonstrate respect for his regulator and these proceedings.”

A spokeswoman for Redbridge Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) – the body that decides which health services are provided in the borough – confirmed that it has no record of the former doctor in its past and present cases.

This means that he was not working at a practice in the borough.

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