Redbridge car-jackings ‘not linked’ says police chief

CAR-JACKINGS across the borough are not being linked, says one of Redbridge’s top police officers.

The Recorder reported last week on an incident in Stoneleigh Road, Clayhall, which saw a 30-year-old man threatened with a gun and dragged out of his car.

The victim later voiced fears that not enough people were aware of the dangers of car-jacking. He said he believed there had been several more similar incidents in the area recently.

The Recorder has also received reports of a car-jacking outside Coppice Primary School, Manford Way, Chigwell, on November 15.

About eight other incidents have also appeared in the Recorder since January.

But Paige Kimberley said there had been a lull in incidents in the last two weeks.

She said: “It has been very quiet. There is no linking of incidents.

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“What I would say to people – and I don’t want to frighten people – is to follow normal commons sense advice.

“Keep your doors locked when you’re driving around, do not get out of the car if anything seems suspicious and if you do see something in the middle of the road be very careful about taking keys with you.”

Mrs Kimberley said car jackers using guns is very rare.

The crime is usually classed as robbery, an offence which has been falling by three per cent year on year, she added.

She said: “Robberies are treated extremely seriously and we have a dedicated robbery squad.

“Redbridge is becoming a safer place to live.

“That doesn’t retract from the seriousness of any crime and the impact it has on the victim.”