Redbridge burglaries rocket as police pledge action

Extra police officers are being deployed to Redbridge to help counter an unexpected spike in burglaries.

Across the borough, burglary rates have rocketed, with borough commander Det Ch Supt Sue Williams saying the extra resources provided by the Metropolitan Police Service will be available for “as long as necessary to deal with this recent surge in burglary”.

The borough has now become a part of Operation Target, a crackdown on crime against people and property in parts of London classed as vulnerable to those types of crime.

Mrs Williams said: “Based on three years worth of data, I had planned for a seasonal rise in November.

“However, this predicted rise came earlier than anticipated, so I have brought all my plans forward including the joint partnership initiatives and media campaigns.”

There has been a more than eight per cent increase in the number of residential burglaries in Redbridge in the 12 months to October compared to the same period last year, with a total of 63,194 offences.

Non residential burglary is also up more than four per cent in the same period, with 32,954 offences.

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Robbery against the person has risen by almost 15 per cent in the last 12 months, with 35,923 cases reported to police.

Mrs Williams said: “I have re-organised my CID and focused all my staff on burglary as a priority with the emphasis being placed on ‘making Redbridge a hostile environment for criminals’.

“I have met with our partners and encouraged them to take whatever action is necessary in support of this initiative to ensure that offenders are not welcome on this borough.”

She added officers are using CCTV footage and car numberplate recognition technology to identify and track offenders, with 666 suspects arrested in October.

Appealing directly to residents Mrs Williams added: “If you see anything unusual in your area please report it.

“Speak to your delivery persons, window cleaners, postmen and utility workers so that they too can be aware and report to us anything they see that is out of the ordinary. Everyone has a part to play in keeping our borough safe.”