Rambo still AWOL after Redbridge dog-napping

The owners of Rambo the dog, who was stolen three months ago, said their hopes of finding their beloved pet are “fading slowly”.

The German Sheppard was stolen from their off-licence Sai Superstore, Redbridge Lane East, Redbridge on May 27 at about 2pm..

Kayanan Shritharan, 26, said: “We have every hope of getting him back but it’s fading slowly. Every day we are hopeful of finding him. We’re not thinking of getting a new dog as the memories of Rambo are still fresh.”

Despite the dog-nappers being caught on CCTV, police were not able to identify them.

Mr Shritharan said: “The police gave up because they said the CCTV was not clear enough. Lots of people have been trying to help but nothing came of it.”

He believes that dog’s disappearance was something to do with two women who came into the shop a fortnight before Rambo went missing. The women later returned offering �500 for the German Sheppard. The CCTV shows the women, with a man, leading the of out of the back gate.

Mr Shritharan added: “I have no idea why he was taken, it really puzzles me.”