Prostitutes in Ilford to be forced off streets under ‘dispersal order’ plan

Prostitutes in Ilford could be forced to move on permanently if a dispersal order is given the go-ahead.

A dispersal order would allow officers to intervene when groups of two or more people are causing, or are likely to cause a member of public to be harassed, intimidated, alarmed or distressed, and those who do not live in the area can be ordered to stay away for 24 hours.

But Cllr Filly Maravala said: “We have been told it’s on the way, and then that it’s not.

“I don’t know why the statutory authorities are dragging their heels over this.”

Latest police figures revealed at an area committee six meeting in South Park Primary School, Water Lane, Seven Kings on Wednesday of last week, show that from October to January 20, police have arrested 12 prostitutes, 13 kerb-crawlers and issued 100 prostitute cautions.

Antisocial behaviour contracts have been given to 42 kerb-crawlers, which ban them from visiting areas in Redbridge used by prostitutes without a legitimate reason, including off Ilford Lane.

A spokesman for Redbridge Council said: “Officers are working hard on a dispersal zone application, which requires a number of legal requirements be met and gathering evidence to meet this criteria and the standard required can be time consuming.

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“We would hope to know by March as to whether the application for the dispersal order has been successful.”

Around 60 dispersal orders are obtained across London each year, but one has been obtained for gang-related issues in Loxford.