Probation trust admits mistakes left mother of Ilford murder victim in dark about killer’s appeal

The London Probation Trust has admitted its employees were at fault for not telling the mother of Ilford murder victim Kashif Mahmood about her son’s killer’s appeal.

Pavin Mahmood, of Goodmayes Lane, was left in the dark about Rehan Asghar’s appeal last month, where his 12-year minimum sentence was cut by 18 months.

A High Court judge reduced the term because of his “exceptional” behaviour in prison.

Mrs Mahmood had the right to submit a victim impact statement, which could have affected the judge’s decision, but missed the deadline because of mistakes in the probation service.

A spokesman said Asghar’s offender manager let the liaison officer know the appeal date too late and when she went on holiday, Mrs Mahmood was wrongly told there would be time the following week.

A London Probation Trust spokesman said: “We are keen to learn what lessons we can.

“Following any form of release, the offender will be under strict supervision with very specific licence conditions in accordance with the victim’s express wishes.”

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Asghar, of Balfour Road, was jailed for stabbing 16-year-old Kashif Mahmood to death during a fight in a subway under Winston Way in 2005.