Policeman and decorated Army Reservist pleads guilty to possessing ammunition without a certificate

Barkingside Magistrates Court

Barkingside Magistrates Court - Credit: Archant

A police officer and Army Reserve soldier from Chigwell has appeared in court after military bullets were found in his bedroom.

Police were called to the home of Scott Roberts on November 11 2014, when a neighbour suspected Mr Roberts had been burgled.

Officers found a bayonet stuck in his garden and when they searched Mr Roberts’ ransacked bedroom, discovered four bullet casings and five bullets under his bed.

During the hearing at Barkingside Magistrates Court on Friday, prosecutor Victoria Ojo explained that Mr Roberts, 28, had been in the Army Reserve, previously known as the Territorial Army, for eight years and the bullets were military issue.

Ms Ojo described the case as a “breach of trust and abuse of authority.”

She said the CPS as asking for punishment of the more than six months and the case should go to crown court.

The counsel for the defence called for Mr Roberts to be released on conditional discharge.

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She said: “Mr Roberts is a decorated serving reservist army officer and a police officer.

“He has received commendations for saving army officers under fire and also treating a man under fire and saving his life.

“That makes four lives he has contributed to saving.”

The defence explained Mr Roberts was in charge of ammunition training for army reservists on October 25 and 26.

The court heard at the end of the session Mr Roberts was required to take all the ammunition, approximately 2,000 rounds, and return it to the base.

The defence explained Mr Roberts thought he had handed in all of the ammunition, however accidently brought five rounds back to his home.

Mr Roberts realised his mistake on October 28, but could not return the ammunition as he was working as a police officer on October 29 and 30 before travelling to the Brecon Beacons on October 31 for army training.

The defence explained Mr Roberts was not allowed to return the rounds by public transport.

The case will continue on Friday March 27.