Police officer who was stabbed with screwdriver while detaining burglar given award

A fearless police officer who was stabbed in the leg with a screwdriver while he chased a burglar was commended along with two colleagues in an awards ceremony for Redbridge Police on Tuesday.

The Pc, who did not want to be named, chased two suspects as they fled from a Redbridge garden after burgling the house and was stabbed during a struggle to detain one man.

Pc Angur Ali chased the second suspect and after he disappeared, Pc Steve Smith used a sniffer dog to find the suspect hiding under a lawn mower in a nearby garden.

The dog also found a mobile phone, cap, gloves and crowbar used by the intruders.

Both burglars were jailed for 18 months and the three officers were commended for their “tireless commitment” to preventing crime at the ceremony at the Jack Carter Pavilion in Fencepiece Road, Barkingside.