Police increase patrols at South Woodford ‘gang war’ site

POLICE are visiting the Queen Mary’s Gate development in South Woodford “at least twice a day” in a bid to reduce anti-social behaviour.

Last month the Recorder reported how residents said they were too scared to leave their homes because they were in the middle of a “gang war”.

Rival groups of teenagers had been congregating at the development in High Road and fighting each other but police insist the situation is now under control.

Sgt David Somerville, of Church End Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “We have been conducting regular sweeps of the area and it is visited at least twice every day. We have supplied details of past incidents and antagonists to the management who I understand will give acceptable behaviour contracts to offenders.

“We have also requested the closure of the bicycle shed and repair of CCTV cameras.”

Mr Somerville is also working with housing landlords Circle 33 which is funding a youth bus to encourage young people to take part in positive activities.