Police give Ilford girls advice on assault and ‘sexting’

Detectives from the Metropolitan Police’s rape and sexual assault unit gave girls at an Ilford school advice on how to keep safe last Friday (6).

Year 8 students at Ilford Ursuline Academy, in Morland Road, were told how to prevent assault by Redbridge officers Det Sgt Liz Davis and Det Con Yvonne Rhoden.

They talked about the facts and myths surrounding sex crime and told the students how attackers would be dealt with and how the Sapphire Unit deals with cases.

‘Sexting’, where people send explicit photos of themselves to other phones, was a particular focus of the talk.

Det Sgt Davis and Det Con Rhoden advised the girls to avoid being pressured into taking the photos.

Redbridge PCSO Joe Gregory, of the Safer Schools Team, said ‘sexting’ often happens between students in school.

She added: “These photographs have been passed to others through social media etc and the effects on those involved have been profound.

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“I hope that the advice given to the students will act as preventative measure and give them the confidence to say no to others and to keep themselves safe, now and in the future.”

Similar talks will take place in schools across the borough.