Ruff justice: Police dogs sniff out criminals across Redbridge

Police dog Nahla, of the Met Police

Police dog Nahla, of the Met Police - Credit: Metropolitan Police

Any dog owner would usually fear the worst when their four-legged friend starts showing an interest in the bin.

But for the Metropolitan Police's team of police dogs, it could be a sure-fire sign of detecting criminal activity, as was the case for Hugo in the early hours of Monday (January 11).

Hugo and his handler helped traffic officers chase down two men who scarpered after being caught driving a stolen Range Rover.

His nose led him to a bin shed, where the wily pooch indicated officers should search - they found both men totally concealed among the rubbish and arrested them.

Later in the evening, Hugo was back in Redbridge with fellow police dog Nahla (pictured above) to assist with a search for evidence, following a stabbing.

Hugo found the weapon and the suspect's parked car, while Nahla helped officers stop and arrest a man on suspicion of GBH.

Chief Inspector David Rhodes, of the MO7 Taskforce who look after the dog unit, said: “Whether it is assisting officers to find concealed evidence, detecting offences or finding suspects who have gone to ground, police dogs and their handlers are invaluable.

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"This is a just a snapshot of some of the work undertaken by officers and police dogs across London in one day.

"I am sure that many criminals would escape justice and crucial evidence remain undetected if not for the assistance of the Met’s police dogs.”