Petition to close down prostitute review website launched by Newbury Park woman

A website where men can review their experiences of prostitutes outraged one woman so much she started a campaign to get it closed down.

Trishna Datta, 22, of Newbury Park said the website was dehumanising to women with men able to rate women like commodities.

She launched an online petition which she hopes will get 10,000 signatures.

Miss Datta said: “I heard about the website through Wikileaks on the news and wanted to see what type of thing was on there. I was outraged that such a website existed.”

She said there is evidence of trafficked women, rape, under aged girls and numerous vulnerable women who have drink or drug addictions or self-harm.

“Men pay for the right to be violent to women,” Miss Datta said. “The website has about 20,000 active users and even a Twitter account. It’s completely dehumanising.”

If you would like to sign Trishna’s petition visit