Paedophile David Bright, who worked at Havering special needs schools, sentenced to three years

David Bright walking into Snaresbrook Crown Court for his sentencing earlier today

David Bright walking into Snaresbrook Crown Court for his sentencing earlier today - Credit: Archant

Paedophile David Bright, who worked as a verbal behavioural specialist in Havering schools, was sentenced today to three years in prison for his sick crimes.

Bright, 30, was given consecutive sentences of 20 months and 16 months by Judge David Radford at Snaresbrook Crown Court after pleading guilty to 14 counts.

Judge Radford condemned Bright's "cynical" crimes and the "gross breach of trust" he committed to the parents of his victims.

One count was for sexual touching of a child under 13 and the other 13 counts referred to making and possessing indecent images of children.

A 15th charge, which Bright pleaded not guilty to, has been laid on file.

It is not alleged that any of the offences took place at a school.

Bright, of Brentwood, was given 20 months imprisonment for four of the charges, which included the sexual touching charge, and a further 16 months for the others.

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Judge Radford said: "You were trusted as a special needs teacher to take care of vulnerable children and their parents trusted you completely.

"You have committed a gross breach of trust and what, I say, was cynical offending on your part, for your sexual gratification.

"You have caused a complete breakdown in [the fact of] the parents trusting people with their children in the future.

"The children were vulnerable and that made it difficult for them to resist what you did."

However, Judge Radford did acknowledge Bright's guilty pleas, calling it "good sense" that he did not allow the case to go to trial.

The judge also admitted that members of the public may be unsatisfied with the sentences he passed.

He added: "Some may believe that the sentences are quite inadequate for what he did in relation to their children.

"But I'm constrained to pass such sentences as the law permits."

Defence barrister Edward Culver said Bright had shown remorse for his actions.

He added: "He caused extreme distress and a clear breach of trust at a very grave extent.

"[But] we can recognise that he has at least shown some insight into his wrong doing. Some offenders come to court seeking to blame their victims - he has never done that."

Prosecutor Pamela Oon said: "He told the police in his interview that since the age of 12 or 13 he has had an attraction to young children, predominantly boys.

"He took the images and downloaded images because he had a sexual urge to do so. The reason he downloaded the images was to suppress the urge to commit more serious offences."

Bright, whose only previous conviction is for possession of cannabis approximately 10 years ago, had thousands of pictures on his computer, but only three victims were identifed from them.

Bright possessed approximately 1,770 level one images, over 152 level twos, 33 level threes and 154 level fours.

After he pleaded guilty the Recorder spoke to some of the parents of his victims, with one stating that he should receive the death penalty for his vile actions.