Newbury Park crossbow murder trial: Spurned father carried out ‘cold and calculated’ attack on pregnant ex-wife, court hears

Newbury Park mum Sana Muhammad, 35, died from injuries to her stomach following a domestic incident.

Newbury Park mum Sana Muhammad, 35, died from injuries to her stomach following a domestic incident. Photo: Aamana Malik - Credit: Br+yMe7hBYwHRs7TLtew5FTyiT3O1Aqp

A heavily pregnant woman from Newbury Park was shot and killed with a crossbow by her vengeful ex-husband after she left him for a builder who had worked on their home, a court has heard.

Ramanodge Unmathallegado, 51, plotted against his wife Devi who was later more commonly known as Sana Muhammad, 35, after their marriage broke down and she left him for another man, the Old Bailey was told.

He armed himself with two crossbows on the morning of November 12 2018 and entered the family home in Applegarth Drive, shooting Mrs Unmathallegado as she tried to get away, jurors heard.

The crossbow bolt penetrated her body, causing "catastrophic" internal injuries, including piercing her heart, jurors heard.

Medics were unable to save her, but her baby was delivered by emergency caesarean and survived.

Prosecutor Richard Horwell QC told jurors: "This was a deliberate and quite calculated act of revenge on his part, intended to cause at the very least the death of Devi.

"On the evidence you hear, however, you may well conclude that his plans encompassed more than that and that, although Devi was undoubtedly his principal target, he also intended to kill her partner, Imtiaz Muhammad."

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The defendant had been preparing the attack on the couple for at least a year, storing weapons and equipment close by, it was alleged.

He had acquired two crossbows and numerous arrows or bolts with which to carry out the attack, jurors were told.

When his cache of weapons was discovered by chance, he allegedly set about replacing it within days.

The defendant also allegedly carried out surveillance on the family home.

On the morning of the killing, he hid in a shed, awaiting the moment to strike with two loaded crossbows, arrows, a hammer, knife, cable ties, duct tape and scissors, the court heard.

But he was disturbed when his wife's new partner unexpectedly went into the shed and he resorted to "plan B", it was claimed.

The defendant ran after Mr Muhammad and shot his former wife as she fled upstairs before being disarmed, jurors heard.

Mr Unmathallegado denies murder and the trial continues.