New Year’s resolutions? See what the Havering CCG has to say on the tradition

Dr Atul Aggarwal

Dr Atul Aggarwal - Credit: Archant

Running a marathon, being a better person or finding love are just some of the usual New Year’s resolutions we make each year in the build up to January 1.

But now the Havering Clinical Commissioning Group have come out with a list of tips to help us make the right aspirations for 2015.

Dr Atul Aggarwal, chair of Havering CCG, recommends starting with “gently steps, setting yourself little targets” to give yourself more chance of success.

He said: “Keeping a New Year’s resolution can be tough, and good intentions can be forgotten when you return to your normal routine in January.

“Cutting down your alcohol intake, stopping smoking or looking at your diet can help reduce the risks of developing serious long term health problems.

“Changing your lifestyle can seem daunting, but with a bit of determination and planning you can really improve how you feel and get more out of life.”

The NHS suggests making just one resolution, giving yourself greater “chances of success”.

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Other advice includes avoiding past failed resolutions, try have an original resolution and tell loved-ones about your resolution to ensure support from friends and family.

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