New hi-tech CCTV cameras being tested in four Redbridge locations to catch rule-breaking drivers

The new system will allow the council to extend its enforcement operation to new locations

The new system will allow the council to extend its enforcement operation to new locations - Credit: Archant

Redbridge drivers who stop in restricted zones could be caught out by sophisticated new CCTV cameras being tried out by the council.

The local authority has confirmed it is testing “Videalert” CCTV in four locations across Redbridge “for moving traffic offences”.

There are cameras in High Road at the junction with Snakes Lane West, and in Johnston Road at the junction with High Road – both in Woodford Green.

The trial also covers the Chadwell Heath Lane junction with High Road, Chadwell Heath, and the junction between High Road and Clements Road, Ilford.

None of these four spots have previously had CCTV surveillance.

According to Videalert, its system can “detect the highest number of offences and filter out non-offences that automatic number plate recognition only systems cannot handle”.

Writing on online community forum Streetlife, Recorder reader Steve P said that while the new surveillance system could be “abused” by the council to raise revenue, there was a need to improve road safety.

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Other readers believe parking restrictions must be enforced.

Streetlife user Donkey added: “If it’s necessary to have parking restrictions outside schools, it seems silly to turn a blind eye to them ‘just for a minute’ at precisely the times when a maximum number of children are going to be around.”

The Videalert systems are being made available to councils nationwide for £16,000.

Videalert claims to be the country’s top issuer of penalty charge notices from unattended CCTV enforcement.

Wardens and CCTV cars at present tackle traffic offences in restricted zones on behalf of Redbridge Council.

David Richmond, Videaler’s managing director, explained that, unlike the manned camera systems currently used by the council, “our system is automatic, with a smart PC up a pole”.

“Therefore you can enforce a lot more locations instead of needing a wire and the communications to message the council offices.”