Mother of Ilford murder victim Kashif Mahmood kept in dark as killer’s sentence cut

Rehan Asghar

Rehan Asghar - Credit: Archant

The mother of a boy stabbed to death in an Ilford subway in 2005 has spoken of her ongoing suffering as her son’s killer looks forward to a reduced “life” sentence.

Parvin Mahmood was not even told of the reduction to murderer Rehan Asghar’s sentence until five days later in a call from the Recorder.

The Probation Service had not taken her victim impact statement because of a mistake with the appeal date, meaning Mrs Mahmood’s wishes were not heard in court and she was left in the dark over the ruling.

She said: “I was waiting for them to let me know and it’s already taken place,” she said.

“I’m really hurt.”

Asghar, of Balfour Road, was sentenced to a minimum of 12 years in 2007 for murdering 16-year-old Kashif Mahmood in a subway under Winston Way.

Then 17, he stabbed unarmed Kashif seven times when he started losing a fight.

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But now he could be released on parole as early as 2016 after a High Court judge slashed his sentence by 18 months last week because of “exceptional progress” in prison.

High Court judge Mr Justice Silber heard how Asghar had helped an asthma sufferer during a riot at Bullingdon Prison, negotiated with inmates and written an open letter to teenagers warning of the consequences of crime.

But for Mrs Mahmood, it is too little, too late.

She said: “The judge used all this information to decide he should get a reduction but has he admitted it?

“Has he shown any remorse? Will I get my son back early?

“The judge had more concern for an asthma sufferer than for my son.”

Mrs Mahmood is complaining to the service over the error that could see her son’s murderer walk free in three years.

She said: “He might be writing letters to other people but has he written to us?

“We are the ones that are suffering, not him.”

The Ministry of Justice has not responded to the Recorder’s request for a comment.