More than half of punters paying for sex on Ilford Lane live in Redbridge

The men who visit sex workers on Ilford Lane are from a variety of different ethnicities, but the ma

The men who visit sex workers on Ilford Lane are from a variety of different ethnicities, but the majority live in Redbridge. Picture: Yui Mok - Credit: PA Archive/PA Images

Between 50-60per cent of the men who use prostitutes in Ilford Lane are said to live in the borough.

Police revealed the figures at a crime scrutiny meeting at Redbridge Town Hall, High Road, Ilford.

While updating the room about their operations they said the male users were from varied ethnicities and when caught were often worried about their wife and or family finding out.

“The demographic is mixed and up to 60pc were local men from surrounding wards” a Redbridge officer said.

A member of the public spoke up at the meeting and said more needs to be done about how young people view women.

“I remember lots of friends went to (a seconday school in Redbridge) and it was like as soon as you pass your driving test at 17, you would go down to Ilford Lane.

“They would be serviced physically but not emotionally - and that has a long-lasting effect.

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“It was hard for them to have relationships even now.”

He said that young people should be educated about the emotional aspect of sex more.

A councillor at the meeting also spoke about the atmosphere in Ilford Lane and said there is almost an accepted culture of harassment towards women.

She said any type of woman at any time of day can be subjected to abuse and their needs to be a shift away from this.

“I find it a vulnerable area to be in,” she said.

“There is a lot of catcalling and harassment.”

Another councillor asked if the crackdown on prostitution in Ilford Lane was simply moving the issue to other parts of the borough.

A Redbridge police officer said: “We have had some movement outside Seven King station for example, but it wasn’t sustainable for them there.

“As soon as we see that we try and stop it.”

The police revealed however that they are seeing more brothels being set up.

“We are seeing a movement into premises and that will continue to be a problem for us,” a senior police officer added.

“We need the publics help as on the street it is far more visible.”