Man sentenced after stealing 88-year-old’s handbag from care home

A man who stole an elderly woman’s bag from her room in a care home has been sentenced to 40 months in prison.

Craig Woodcraft pleaded guilty to burglary after taking an 88-year-old’s bag from her room in St Joseph’s Rest Home, The Drive, Ilford.

He was sentenced on Monday at Snaresbrook Crown Court, Snaresbrook.

The 27-year-old broke into the woman’s home in October 2006 but was not found at the time.

In January a positive fingerprint match was found under an investigation led by Det Segt Brett Hagen.

Mr Hagen said: “Craig Woodcraft’s crime had remained undetected for six years and he probably thought he had got away with it. I would like to thank the victim’s family for helping us.”