Man jailed for 1975 murder of Ilford neighbour appeals to be released

A convicted murderer who was hauled back to prison after being accused of a second killing 30 years later is fighting a High Court battle for release.

Gary Allen, formerly Gary Tree, was jailed in 1976 for the murder of neighbour Anne Rosenwold, 36, who he stabbed to death at her home in Ilford.

The odd job man was freed on licence in 1992, but was back behind bars in 2005 after he was accused of killing another woman, 56-year-old June Thrussell, in Dagenham.

Allen, now 55, was not found guilty of the second crime, but remains behind bars to this day due to fears that he is a risk to members of the public.

But the killer is now fighting the Parole Board’s decision not to release him again, claiming it is effectively a punishment and violates his human rights

The case reached the High Court, where his barrister, Hugh Southey, argued the decision in August 2011 should be overturned.

Mr Southey said the board members had found there was a sexual element to the 1970s killing of Mrs Rosenwold, despite the trial judge being unable to determine the motive.

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He added Allen had served the penal part of his 1976 sentence and was being punished again.

But the Parole Board says it was particularly concerned about Allen because he had shown how ready he was to commit violent acts.

As well as the 1970s murder, he had been involved in a domestic violence incident while on licence in 2001 and a weapon-related offence years earlier.

The Board’s barrister said it had substantial further material, which the 1976 judge did not have, shedding light on Allen’s behaviour.

The judge said the case could have an important effect on others and decided to reserve his judgment until a later date.