Wanstead shooting: ‘I thought they were fireworks’

The crime scene this morning [Photograph by @Leotheunsure]

The crime scene this morning [Photograph by @Leotheunsure] - Credit: Archant

The noise of a 30-year-old man being shot in a quiet street sounded like a “fireworks” going off, according to a resident.

The crime scene this morning [Photograph by @Leotheunsure]

The crime scene this morning [Photograph by @Leotheunsure] - Credit: Archant

A car was driven across George Green from Draycot Road, Wanstead, where an unnamed man was shot, in what is being seen as a gang-related incident.

One 40-year-old resident, who lives near the Zeeba Nursery, in Draycot Road, where the shooting took place in the early hours of Wednesday, said it was the first time he had heard gun shots in the road.

“When I first heard the noise I thought it was fireworks,” he said. “The shooting happened around one in the morning – and the noise was really loud.

“I have heard gun shots before but back home in Italy,” said the resident, who did not wish to be named.

The man is in a serious but stable condition in hospital.

Wanstead High Street was closed by police following the incident while officers examined the area.

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A team from the Trident Gang Command, which specialises in leading the Met’s response against gang crime, are investigating but said no arrests have been made.

“This morning I saw the police tape outside and there was the answer to my question - it was not fireworks,” added the resident, who has lived on the road for three years.

Another Draycot Road resident, 48, said the road has been blighted by “weird activity” for some time.

“I did not hear anything last night,” he said. “But I always see weird activity in the road.

“I think the police should put up CCTV around here.

“People should not be allowed to do there wheelings and dealings here.”

Did you see or hear anything? Gte in touch by emailing or calling 0208 477 3825.