Remembering London's teenage homicide victims in 2021

Photos issued by Metropolitan Police of some of the 27 teenage homicides which have taken place in London so far in 2021

27 teenagers have died from knife crime in London so far in 2021 (From top row, left to right) Anas Mezenner, 17, Hani Solomon, 18, Drekwon Patterson, 16, Tai Jordan O'Donnell, 19, Ahmed Beker , 19, Camron Smith, 16, and Damarie Omare Roye, 16. (second row, left to right) Mazaza Owusu-Mensah, 18, Hussain Chaudhry, 18, Levi Ernest-Morrison, 17, Fares Maatou, 14, Abubakkar Jah, 18, Tamim Ian Habimana, 15, and Hazrat Wali, 18. (third row, left to right) Daniel Laskos, 16, Denardo Samuels-Brooks, 17, Jalan Woods-Bell, 15, Keane Flynn-Harling, 16, Kamran Khalid, 18, and Taylor Cox, 19 - Credit: PA

Teenage homicides in London have hit a four-year high, with a total of 27 teen victims killed so far this year.

This equals the number who died in 2017 - which had been the highest in nearly a decade.

The previous peak was 29 teen homicides in the capital in 2008.

Sadly, teenagers in Islington and Brent in north London have been killed, as well as Newham, Romford and Ilford in east London.

Here is a list of the 27 victims this year:

Anas Mezenner

Anas Mezenner was fatally stabbed on January 19. - Credit: Met Police

– January 19: Islington student Anas Mezenner, 17, was found with stab wounds in West Green Road, near Turnpike Lane station, shortly after 9pm. He was taken to hospital but died at 4.25am.

The teenager had reportedly made an anti-knife crime video for a media studies course he was studying at City and Islington College weeks before he died.

Community vigil for Romario Opia on Holland Walk 01.02.21.Launching floating lanterns

Community vigil for Romario Opia on Holland Walk 01.02.21 - Credit: Polly Hancock

– January 25: Romario Opia, 15, was found stabbed in Holland Walk, Islington, at about 5.30pm. He was pronounced dead at the scene shortly later.

– February 11: Hani Solomon, 18, from Wandsworth in south London, was killed during a fight between two groups of men shortly after 6.30pm in Ackmar Road, Fulham.

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He was treated by police, paramedics and an air ambulance team but was pronounced dead at the scene less than an hour later.

Drekwon Patterson, 16, was killed in Wembley on February 18 2021

Drekwon Patterson, 16, was killed in Wembley on February 18 2021 - Credit: Met Police

– February 18: Drekwon Patterson, 16, from Wembley was stabbed in Preston Road, Brent, shortly after 11.30pm. He was taken to hospital but died the following morning.

– February 26: Ahmed Beker, 19, was stabbed in Paddington Green, west London, just after 9.10pm. He was treated by paramedics and an air ambulance team but died at the scene.

– March 3: Tai Jordan O’Donnell, 19, from Croydon, south London, was stabbed a number of times in the legs at a house in Alpha Road just after 12.10pm. He was pronounced dead within minutes of emergency crews arriving at the scene.

– March 6: Mazaza Owusu-Mensah, 18, died when he was stabbed in the chest during a fight in Edington Road, Abbey Wood, south-east London, at around 5.30pm.

– March 6: Ezra Okobia, 14, was fatally injured by fumes from a fire at his home in Russett Way, Lewisham, south-east London, shortly before 6am.

He was taken to hospital but died four days later. His five-year-old brother Joseph Okobia and mother Victoria Amaning, 34, also died after inhaling fumes. Police believe Ms Amaning started the blaze.

– March 8: Nikolay Vandev, 19, was stabbed along with a second victim, aged 18, in Penshurst Road, Tottenham, north London, shortly before 2pm.

Mr Vandev was pronounced dead at the scene, while the 18-year-old was taken to hospital and treated for non-life-threatening stab wounds.

– March 17: Hussain Chaudhry, 18, was stabbed in Lea Bridge Road, Walthamstow, east London, at around 5.20pm. Police and an ambulance crew attended but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

– April 10: Levi Ernest-Morrison, 17, was stabbed in Sydenham Road, Sydenham, south-east London at around 7.20pm.

– April 23: Fares Maatou, 14, was stabbed in Barking Road, Newham, east London, just before 4pm. Emergency services tried to save him but he was pronounced dead just over half an hour later. Two 15-year-old boys will go on trial next year for his murder

– April 26: Abubakkar “Junior” Jah, 18, was found in Coolfin Road, Newham, east London, at around 3.45pm having been shot and stabbed. He died at the scene.

– May 7: Daniel Laskos, 16, was stabbed in Church Road, Harold Wood, Romford, just after 6.40pm, during a fight. Ambulance and air ambulance teams tried to save him but he died at the scene.

Taylor Cox

Taylor Cox, 19, was fatally shot in Islington - Credit: Met Police

– June 8: Taylor Cox, 19, was shot in Hornsey Rise Gardens, Islington, north London, at around 4.25pm.

– June 10: Denardo Samuels-Brooks, 17, was stabbed in Prentis Road, Streatham, south London, at around 4.15pm. He was taken to hospital but was pronounced dead less than an hour later.

– June 11: Jalan Woods-Bell, 15, was stabbed in a fight at around 8.30am during the school run in Blyth Road, Hayes, west London.

– June 25: Tashawn Watt, 19, was stabbed in Miall Walk, Sydenham, south-east London, just after 9.30pm. He was treated by an ambulance crew but died at the scene.

– July 1: Camron Smith, 16, was stabbed in Bracken Avenue, Shrublands, Croydon, south London, at around 12.45am. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

– July 5: Tamim Ian Habimana, 15, was stabbed in Woolwich, south-east London.

– July 5: Keane Flynn-Harling, 16, from Lambeth, south London, was stabbed in Oval Place, south London, at around 11.45pm.

– July 9: Damarie Omare Roye, 16, was stabbed in Bensham Manor Road, Thornton Heath, south London. He was taken to hospital but died two days later.

– August 1: Stelios Averkiou, 16, was stabbed at a skate park in Lordship Recreation Ground, Tottenham, north London, at around 2.15pm. He died nine days later.

– September 1: Alex Ajanaku, 18, was found in Beaumont Road, Leyton, east London, with shotgun wounds at around 1.30am. He was treated by police and paramedics but died at the scene.

– October 12: Hazrat Wali, 18, was stabbed to death in a playing field in Craneford Way, Twickenham.

– October 28: Kamran Khalid, 18, was stabbed to death in Harrow Road, Ilford.

– November 18: Police were called to London Road in Croydon following reports of a fight. Although officers found no suspects or victims at the scene, a 14-year-old later attended hospital suffering from stab wounds and died. A murder investigation has since been launched.