London Assembly member Roger Evans calls for camera cars to tackle prostitution in Ilford’s “red light district”

Kerb crawlers, drug dealers and prostitutes in Redbridge are the target of a bid for special police camera cars being bought by London Mayor Boris Johnson.

Roger Evans, London Assembly member for Havering and Redbridge, is asking for the cameras to be used in Loxford ward to combat prostitution in Ilford’s “red light district”.

They use automatic number plate recognition which could be used for identifying kerb crawlers and drug dealers.

Before making the bid, Mr Evans was shown around the Ilford Lane area by Cllr Filly Maravala who took him to areas where anti-social behaviour happened.

Mr Evans said: “Local residents are very concerned about it and it disrupts the people who live there.

“People are not happy with the situation, we need measures in place to encourage the prostitutes to get out of that life.”

At this stage, Mr Evans said no one else had made an early bid for the use of the new vehicles.

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“I understand that Boris said we are getting lots more vehicles for the police with the cameras in them, I’d like to see some of those deployed in Loxford,” he said.

“I’ve put an early bid in for it. We have to have the resources in Redbridge to be able to deal with it.”

The vehicles could be used to identify people picking up prostitutes, drug dealers and those without insurance.

Mr Evans said: “We looked at the red light situation. “Virtually each criminal does not have insurance or tax for their car.

“If they are going to buy these vehicles, then it’s a good place for them.”

Cllr Maravala added: “We will know who the cars are registered to, people don’t realise how bad the problem is.

“It’s having a devastating impact on the people in Loxford.”