Killers: Faces of five men who murdered Thomas Cudjoe in Ilford

Clockwise: Asher Johnson, Courtney Mitchell, Jerome Green, Lewis Johnson and Reece Garwood

Clockwise: Asher Johnson, Courtney Mitchell, Jerome Green, Lewis Johnson and Reece Garwood - Credit: Archant

These are the faces of five killers who brutally stabbed Thomas Cudjoe to death as he waited at a petrol forecourt in Ilford.

Thomas Cudjoe

Thomas Cudjoe - Credit: Archant

They were found guilty today of murdering the 29-year-old on the forecourt of Shell petrol station, Ley Street, Ilford on November 3.

He received 14 stab and slash wounds, with one puncturing a lung and another puncturing an artery in Mr Cudjoe’s right thigh.

Jerome Green, 23, of Ashgrove Road, Seven Kings; Reece Garwood, 21, of Overton Drive, Chadwell Heath; Courtney Mitchell, 23, of Clandon Road, Seven Kings; Asher Johnson, 25 and his brother Lewis, 22, both of Bellamy Close, Isle of Dogs, will all be sentenced on September 13.

The proseuction at the Old Bailey trial said the attack was in revenge for the shooting of friend Reice Okosi.

Mr Cudjoe was cleared by the courts of having any involvement in the attack.

Mr Okosi was shot twice in August 2010 while in Dagenham, leaving him paralysed.

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Speaking after today’s guilty verdicts, Mr Cudjoe’s mother said the “seneseless nature of his killing” will “always haunt the family”.

She added; “To try to describe the impact that my son’s brutal murder has had on me and my family is to attempt to do the impossible, to describe the indescribable.

“From the horror of the terrible manner of his death, to the daily realization that Thomas, my son, is gone is beyond words.

“My son was slain doing something as ordinary as going to the petrol station.

“He was killed because people wrongly believed he was involved in a crime, a shooting involving one of their friends. Thomas was innocent of any of this.

“Their motive in committing this murder against a defenceless man sitting in a car was flawed.

“But in the world of these kind of people reason, compassion and the respect of law do not exist.

“Instead thy sought to tarnish the character of Thomas by claiming self defence whilst admitting openly that they were drug dealers.

“I am glad to say that the jury saw through this and I am grateful to them and to the police for helping his killer’s face the long terms of jail that they deserve. The streets of London will be safer while they are locked away.”

The jury spent a week deliberating before returning unanimous guilty verdicts for Green, Garwood and Mitchell.

This afternoon they returned majority, 10-2, guilty verdicts for Asher Johnson and his brother Lewis.

They all denied murder.