Ilford tailor accused of indecent assault while measuring inside leg

A tailor molested a woman while taking her inside leg measurement, a court heard today.

Naveed Farooq, 29, of Mortlake Road, Ilford, kissed the woman’s crotch while bent down in front her with his tape measure, jurors heard.

The woman, in her 20s, peered down in “horror” before slapping Farooq across the head and fleeing in tears to a nearby police station, Snaresbrook Crown Court heard.

Farooq was said to have struck at a dry cleaners where he worked in Poplar, east London.

Prosecutor Zarah Dickinson said: “She went to the dry cleaners because she needed alterations to a couple of pairs of trousers she had.

“There were no changing rooms so Mr Farooq directed her behind one of the machines to afford her some privacy so she could change out of her jeans.

“Mr Farooq pinned the first pair of trousers without any incident.’

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But when it came to pinning her second pair, Farooq began to stroke the woman’s legs as she tried her trousers on for size, the court heard.

“He did however seem to have some problem with pinning the second pair because he started brushing his hands down the front of her thighs,” said Miss Dickinson.

“When he finished that and completed pinning the second pair of trousers, the woman went back behind the machine and changed back into her jeans.

“When she came back out, Mr Farooq said he would need to take measurements of her while she was she was in her jeans.

“He took his tape measure out. He placed it at the top of the inside of her leg.

“She then looked down and to her horror she saw his face pressed into her crotch area.

“She then heard the noise of kissing or felt his lips as he kissed her crotch area.

“She slapped him across the head and ran out distressed and crying.’

Farooq was later arrested but told officers that nothing untoward had occurred.

Farooq denies sexual assault.