Ilford shoplifter went on £400 alcohol stealing spree at Dagenham Asda while out on bail

Barkingside Magistrates' Court. Picture: Ken Mears

Barkingside Magistrates' Court. Picture: Ken Mears - Credit: Archant

An Ilford man has admitted stealing almost £400 of alcohol from a Dagenham supermarket during a two-day crime spree he indulged in while out on bail for further shoplifting offences.

Barkingside Magistrates' Court heard today (Thursday, January 9) that 30-year-old Harinder Singh of Agnes Avenue, Ilford, was able to walk into Asda in Merrielands Crescent, Dagenham on Monday, January 6 and steal three bottles of whiskey worth £123.

CCTV footage captured Singh putting the bottles into a basket in the alcohol aisle.

A short time later he was seen putting the basket down and running out of the supermarket before he could be challenged by security staff.

When staff examined the basket they found it contained three security tags that had been cut off the whiskey bottles.

None of the three stolen bottles were ever recovered.

Singh returned to the supermarket the very next day, Tuesday January 7, where he was recognised by security staff who caught him attempting to steal even more alcohol.

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In his possession this time was silver foil paper he had been attempting to wrap around the bottles to get them out of the shop without setting off shoplifting alarms.

On that occasion the goods Singh had attempted to steal were valued at £260 - but all were recovered.

Prosecutor Paul Nagle revealed to the court that Singh had committed both those crimes whilst on bail, ahead of being sentenced for a further count of shoplifting less than a week before at Sainsbury's in Stratford.

He had already pleaded guilty to that offence.

In his defence, Singh claimed that underlying drugs misuse issues had led to a sudden bout of criminality after his work as a self-employed window fitter dried up over Christmas.

Mr Nagle had asked the bench not to grant bail ahead of sentencing, arguing Singh had already proven himself capable of reoffending while on bail.

However, the magistrates were told Singh was responsible for financially supporting members of his family in India, and so decided to grant bail, warning him to "keep his nose clean from now on".

Singh will be sentenced for all three shoplifting offences at Thames Magistrates' Court on Monday, January 27.