Ilford man who slapped woman in racist assault walks free from court

A commuter who slapped a heavily-pregnant woman on the back of the head at Ilford station because she was black has walked free from court.

Nasir Ali, 25, of Brisbane Road, Ilford, lashed out at Chancelvie Njoy after calling her a “bitch” and telling her he hated all black people.

Miss Njoy, who was seven months pregnant, was waiting for a train with her boyfriend at the station in Cranbrook Road at 5.30pm on April 21, when she heard Ali behind her muttering racist remarks.

When the couple turned around to confront him, Ali continued his abuse and told them “I’m not afraid to slap you,” Snaresbrook Crown Court heard.

They decided to ignore him, but when they turned away Miss Njoy was hit across the head.

All three started arguing until officers from British Transport Police intervened.

Ali then claimed the couple had tried to rob him and he was acting in self-defence.

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The victim suffered a headache after the attack but did not need medical treatment.

Ali admitted racially aggravated assault.

He was handed a community order with six months supervision and was banned from travelling on the London Underground for six months.

Passing sentence on Monday, judge John Cavanagh said the defendant would have gone to prison were it not for his severe behavioural problems.

He said: “Miss Njoy was an innocent victim in this incident and she and her boyfriend acted in an exemplary way.”

He added that since the attack, Ali has been involved in two further incidents on public transport including one in which he racially abused a black man.

George Papageorgis, defending, said Ali suffered from Asperger’s syndrome, non-organic psychosis and difficulties communicating.

He said: “He tends to be aggressive towards black people because he has been robbed.”