Ilford Lane Prostitution: Police speak with 18 sex workers in latest operation

Police are targeting prostitution in Ilford Lane. Picture: Catherine Davison

Police are targeting prostitution in Ilford Lane. Picture: Catherine Davison - Credit: Archant

Police spoke with 18 sex workers over the course of a five-night operation to tackle a new prostitution ring in Ilford Lane, it has been revealed.

Last month, Redbridge Safer Neighbourhoods team launched an operation to “divert sex workers and deal with those seeking their services,” according to Insp Lee Canter, ending on May 26.

The team paired up with Romanian officers, who helped communicate with the women, and was run in collaboration with outreach workers from sexual health charity Terrence Higgins Trust, sex worker rights group National Ugly Mugs and the LEA project, which supports women exiting prosition.

All were provided with help and information leaflets, in English and Romanian, detailing support agencies and outreach services.

A Loxford Safer Neighbourhoods Team officer said: “Officers spoke with sex workers, asking questions, for example if they are being trafficked or controlled by anyone and if so do they want to be referred to outside agencies for help or support on leaving the sex industry.”

He added: “This particular operations was felt to be a success by officers and will help with all further operations that are taking place.”

Five women were referred to outreach services and then were advised to leave the area.

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