Ilford family burgled by bogus police officers

An Ilford family have been burgled by bogus police officers who tricked them into believing they were under investigation to gain entry to their home.

The family, in Kensington Gardens, were visited at around 11.15pm on last Tuesday (31) by two men and a woman dressed as police.

The suspects were wearing black stab vests with white shirts and black boots.

Their dark navy jackets had “Police” written on the back and they even had utility belts, radios, handcuffs and epaulettes with shoulder numbers.

The family let the “police” into their home after being presented with fake paperwork authorising a search warrant in connection with money laundering offences.

Three further suspects went upstairs to search the house while the bogus officers watched the homeowners.

They took the stolen property away in a navy blue Volkswagon Passat and black Audi.

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Suspect one is described as a white female around 28, 5ft 5ins with dark brown hair tied up and the top section braided. She introduced herself as “Rose Stone”.

Suspect two is described as an Asian male around 28, 5ft 9ins with a round face and short black hair. He introduced himself as “Malik”.

Suspect three is described as a white male, around 34, 5ft 10ins and of heavy build, with short, light mousey hair and blue eyes. He wore glasses and introduced himself as “Chris Wilson”.

A police spokesman said residents should request identification from anyone attempting to enter their home.

He added: “Police officers in uniform can provide a contact number of a police station or their home unit to verify their identity.

“Members of the public can call the non-emergency number 101 to verify an officer’s details.

“If you believe that you have someone trying to gain entry to your home who is not who they claim to be, then please phone 999.”

All officers will have a warrant card in a black leather wallet with a metal MPS crest.

In June, two men posing as police officers burgled a home in Gants Hill and got away with gold and wedding rings.

The incidents are not thought to be connected.

Contact DC Patrick Conway, Ilford CID on 020 8345 2680 with information.