Ilford driver fined for pulling over for ‘seven seconds’ launches petition against ticketing practices

Zahid Butt, Mohammed Ashraf, Ali Younis and Mohammed Butt with the 500 signature petition

Zahid Butt, Mohammed Ashraf, Ali Younis and Mohammed Butt with the 500 signature petition - Credit: Archant

An angry driver has launched a petition against parking ticketing practices in Ilford, after he was fined for getting out his vehicle to warn a van driver a pedestrian was walking behind his vehicle.

Mohammed Butt, 50, of Grange Road, has collected around 500 signatures in just two days from other residents and business owners around Ilford Lane, who believe they have received a parking ticket which “has not been issued correctly”.

Mr Butt was fined £110 after “parking in a restricted street during prescribed hours” on June 3 in the same road he lives on.

He claims he pulled over for “no more than seven seconds” to warn a van driver that an elderly pedestrian was walking directly behind his reversing vehicle.

He said: “I was on my way out and a van was going to a shop on the corner with a delivery. An old lady was crossing the road so I shouted to the driver.

“I live just a few doors away and walk to Ilford Lane. Why would I park illegally on my own road to go shopping? It’s ridiculous.”

The fine notice issued said an enforcement officer observed the car “from 16.15 to 16.16 and had begun to prepare a PCN for service by fixing it to the vehicle… but the vehicle concerned was driven away from the place” before it could be fixed.

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Photos seen by the Recorder show the car stopped on the double yellow line at 4.15pm with Mr Butt and his wife visible and driving out of the road at the same time.

Mr Butt said: “All the photos are taken within a minute yet the chain of events which is described by the officer would have taken a lot longer than this.

“I just want the council to stop harassing drivers and issuing tickets just to make money. Businesses in the area are suffering because of this.”

When Mr Butt received a letter in reply to his complaint, it was claimed a civil enforcement officer had seen him leave his car and go shopping.

A council spokesman said that the minimum duration a penalty charge notice can be issued for “varies dependent on the contravention.”

He said: “In this case the offence is instant as soon as the enforcement officer is satisfied that no exemptions apply, for example unloading activity.”