Ilford church arsonist admitted to mental health unit

A MAN who walked from court after a judge said he needed psychiatric treatment for setting light to an Ilford church has been admitted to a mental health unit.

Gary Pammen, 45, left Snaresbrook Crown Court on Tuesday morning without the expected escort of mental health staff although the judge said he was in “bad need” of psychiatric treatment.

His actions sparked an investigation by the East London NHS Foundation Trust which has now confirmed that Pammen has been admitted to the Newham Centre for Mental Health in Plaistow. He was brought in yesterday afternoon.

Pammen, from Wall End Road, East Ham, admitted torching the Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Chapel in Audrey Road, Ilford, during a service on August 17, 2008. He told the cowering congregation: “Mormons are going to hell.”

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