Ilford anti-prostitution petition calls for more police action

A petition urging police to take notice of the nightly prostitution occurring in Ilford Lane is expected to collect more than 3,000 signatures. Launched by Labour ward Cllr Filly Maravala, the petition is set to be presented to the council during the next full council meeting in September.

“The residents are just sick of it,” he said. “They leave mess and it’s intimidating for anyone who passes there.” Despite a crackdown last year in which trees were cut away to leave the area more exposed and extra lighting was put in place, the problem has still been rife.

Cllr Maravala said that he and other ward councillors have been knocking on doors and have gained support from residents, many of who had signed the petition.

The most recent police operation was on June 15 where 26 police targeted prostitutes in Ilford Lane, and as a result of CCTV footage, 108 vehicles were identified to be perpetrators of kerb crawling.

Of these, action has been taken against 42.

Since this, a further 71 cautions have been made to prostitutes, bringing the total to 118.

But Cllr Maravala said that was simply moving on the problem temporarily. “When the police come they just go and come straight back,” he said.

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“It’s like nothing can kill this off. But if they managed to rid King’s Cross of it then I am sure they can do the same for Ilford.”

To sign the petition, e-mail Cllr Maravala at