Ilford man subjected to homophobic abuse during Pride Month

Homophobic abuse directed at resident of Ilford flat

Gregory - pictured on the right - has been married to husband Craig since 2017, with the pair living in Ilford since 2019. - Credit: Gregory Gaige

An Ilford resident has reportedly been subjected to a tirade of homophobic abuse for honouring Pride Month. 

Gregory Gaige hung a pride flag - visible from the balcony of his flat beside Ilford Station - to mark the LGBT+ commemorative month which runs throughout June.

On Tuesday afternoon (June 8), Gregory said a man saw the flag and fired a torrent of homophobic abuse toward him.

Gregory, who has lived in the area with husband Craig since 2019, told the Recorder: "I was working from home with the balcony doors open and I heard shouting coming from outside.

"I went to look from my balcony and realised they were shouting at me."

He said the perpetrators carried on shouting obscenities even though they knew he was filming.

Gregory reported the incident to the police, who said they will attend the flat on Friday (June 11).

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He added: "I’d normally just ignore it on the street, but I shouldn’t have to put up with abuse being hurled at me when I’m in my own home."

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact the police, quoting reference 4411480-21.