Police patrol Hainault Forest after animals are hurt and killed in illegal traps

Redbridge Council is asking residents to report suspicious behaviour in the forest after traps were

Redbridge Council is asking residents to report suspicious behaviour in the forest after traps were found. Picture: Redbridge Council - Credit: Archant

Redbridge Council has issued a warning to forest users after dogs, deers and badgers have been illegally caught in snares in Hainault Forest Country Park.

A number of animals have had to be rescued from the traps in Romford road, but unfortunately, one badger could not be got to in time at and died.

Thankfully no children have been harmed.

Vision Redbridge Culture and Leisure is asking all visitors to “remain vigilant” and report any unusual activity.

The forest’s nature conversation team is receiving help from the police and is continuing to search and remove any snares in the area.

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Joint patrols are also being run in woodland hotspots at key times.

A Redbridge Council spokeswoman said: “Although the snares that have been found so far have been in the north of the forest (on the Woodland Trust side) we are asking all visitors to take extra care when walking their dogs, remain vigilant, and report any snares or unusual activity they see at the woods.

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“We currently know a dog and muntjac deer have all been rescued from these illegal traps, and unfortunately, one badger has been found dead.

“We will continue to work closely with our wildlife crime liaison officers in both the Met and Essex Police who are aware of the incidents, and our nature conservation team is working alongside the Woodland Trust as a coordinated effort to patrol hotspot areas and manage the issue.”

Police have been contacted for comment.

Anyone with information should call 02085592316 or email nature.conservation@visionrcl.org.uk Have you been affected by the traps while walking in the forest? email ellena.cruse@archant.co.uk

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