Hainault 10-year-olds terrorising residents

CHILDREN as young as 10 have been wreaking havoc in a Hainault neighbourhood, frightened residents have told The Recorder.

The youngsters are thought to be behind three smashed car windscreens, a trashed empty house, and an incident where a hose pipe was placed through an elderly resident’s cat-flap.

The two roads hit by the mini crime-wave which started almost a month ago are Tunstall Avenue and Stoke Avenue.

Residents, who are too scared to be named for fear of reprisals, spoke about their daily worry.

One pensioner, who has lived in the neighbourhood for four years, said: “During the Halloween period, we taped up our letterbox because we were so frightened kids would put fireworks through it.

“At some points I have been frightened for my life. These young kids don’t realise the magnitude of what they are doing and could easily cause serious damage.”

Police have confirmed the incidents were reported to them, and say they are stepping up patrols in the area as a result of the spate of antisocial incidents, as well as following a number of lines of inquiry.

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Residents have taken steps such as disabling water mains in a bid to stop the youngsters causing more damage.

Police also confirmed a mobile phone was stolen from Hainault Community Centre in Manford Way two weeks ago, which is thought to be linked to the other crimes.

The resident said: “We want parents of these children to keep them under control.

“I made an effort to show them I was friendly and when they came to trick or treat, I gave them sweets.

“But the very next night the windscreen on my car was smashed – so my efforts to make peace with them haven’t worked.”

To report an incident contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.