Goodmayes school run parking dispute allegedly escalates to mother racially abusing Asian neighbours

Romford Magistrates' Court

Romford Magistrates' Court - Credit: Archant

An argument over parking during a school run allegedly led a mother to make racial abuse and threatening to burn a house down – a court heard.

Adeola Adebayo, 24, is charged with 10 counts including five of racially/religiously aggravated common assault, two counts of common assault, one of using threatening words with intent to cause fear or provoke unlawful violence, one assault by beating and one count of criminal damage.

She pleaded not guilty to all of the charges and appeared at Romford Magistrates’ Court yesterday for trial.

A mother-of-four who was picking up her children from Farnham Green Primary School, Goodmayes, at around 3.20pm on February 3, told the court Miss Adebayo became “aggressive” after she told her she was not parked properly and had been blocking people for about 15 minutes.

The conversation escalated and Abidah Farhanah, who was inside her parents’ home in Regent Gardens, said she was alerted after hearing “screaming and shouting” outside.

She went outside with her father Monir Miah, 61, who said trying to calm Miss Adebayo but she “pushed him back five times on his chest” making him “move backwards”, he told the court.

His daughter, Miss Farhanah, who said being angered by the scene and described Miss Adebayo’s behaviour as “erratic”, said she started to have an argument with her.

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She told the court the defendant was using “filthy language”, swearing at her and making references to her Asian origins and “this is not your f*** country”, “f*** Allah”.

“I know people. I’m going to come back,” she is said to have added, addressing the family.

“It was outside my family home and there were children around. The fact that she was calling me these things did not bother me but it was the racial element of it that angered me - it was in front of my niece and nephew,” said Miss Farhanah.

Mr Miah told the magistrates Miss Adebayo then went back to her car and took out an oil canister from the boot, threatening to burn down his house.

She approached the house and kicked into the door three times, breaking side panel and causing £150 worth of damage before driving off, he added.

Miss Adebayo, who is representing herself, is due to give evidence to the court today.

More to follow.