Goodmayes father who used cannabis “daily” has been given “one more chance” by the courts

A young father-of-two who used cannabis every day has been given a six-month community order after being searched close to his home.

Ross Howes, 19, of Chester Road, Goodmayes, was found to have a small sealed bag of cannabis on February 9 when he was stopped by police.

The court heard that Howes, who pleaded guilty to the offence at Barkingside Magistrates’ Court, Cranbrook Road, Barkingside, on Friday, used the Class B drug “daily” but is “determined to solve the problem and is undergoing counselling”.

According to Howes’s mother, who was asked to speak in court, the 19-year-old has had “a change in attitude” since he was released from Feltham Prison, Middlesex, last year.

She said: “Ever since he came out of prison and began getting help, he realised he must stop taking drugs and he wants to reconnect with his two young children.”

According to the defence, Howes “clearly has an addiction but he is trying to readjust” and has been receiving help, the court heard.

The defendant, who has received five similar convictions in the last two years, was told he had been “very lucky” to escape a heavier sentence.

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Magistrate D. Hoon said: “I will give you one more chance but if you slip up again the court will not be as lenient.”

Howes was sentenced to a six month community order and was ordered to pay £85 court costs.