Father-of-two threatens council tax protest over Ilford Lane prostitution

One man is so outraged at prostitutes loitering outside his house, condoms being left in the street and loud noise late at night he is threatening to not pay council tax.

Father-of-two Ediz Mustafa, 37, said it is becoming unbearable to live in his street due to prostitutes, despite his wife regularly calling police.

Mr Mustafa of Ilford Lane, Ilford, said: “We want them off our doorstep. There are prostitutes there every night and no one moves them along.”

He said his neighbours are equally frustrated with the prostitutes, with one deciding to sell up and leave the area.

“She says the area’s not good enough. There are other residents thinking of not paying their council tax too,” he added. “I think all the residents shouldn’t pay it.”

He said his six-year-old son one day asked him why one of the women was standing outside their house.

He said: “I told him she was waiting for a cab. Then he saw her again another day and asked if she was still waiting for that taxi. What are you meant to say to a six-year-old?”