Fake police officers steal cash and jewellery from elderly woman in Wanstead

Two fake police officers stole jewellery and cash after conning their way into an elderly woman’s house.

A Redbridge Police spokesman said the 86-year-old, who lives alone, let them into her home in Harley Court, Wanstead, believing they were genuine.

She added: “She was on her own and got a knock at her door from two men claiming to police officers.

“They said they had caught a young man coming out of a window to her flat with cash.

“When she asked for I.D., they flashed something that looked like a warrant card.”

Saying they were investigating where the man they “caught” got the money from, they asked the woman where she kept valuables in the house.

She showed them where she kept two rings, which they stole along with £50 out of her purse.

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The thieves called at about 7.45pm on February 28th. They were not wearing uniforms.

The first suspect was a white man aged 20-25, with fair cropped hair and a long dark blue jacket.

The second was white, aged 25-30 and had short black hair.

Police issued a warning last month about bogus police officers are conning their way into elderly women’s homes elsewhere in Redbridge but officers have not confirmed if they are linked.

The fraudsters burgled three homes in a day on Monday in Mossford Lane, Barkingside, Stoke Avenue, Hainault and Herent Drive, Clayhall.

In all three cases the suspects were two men posing as police officers who flashed “some sort of ID” to gain entry.

Redbridge Police are urging people to be wary of bogus callers and always demand identification and call 101 if in doubt.

Anyone with information on the bogus police is asked to call police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Anyone faced with a persistent caller should shut the door and dial 999.