Fake gas man pulls knife on woman in Seven Kings before robbing her

A 42-year-old woman was held at knife point and punched in the stomach after opening her front door to a man who said he was there to read the gas meter.

She let the man, who had an ID card and was holding a gas meter reading device, into her house and was then grabbed from behind.

He pushed something against her neck which she believes was a knife.

A second man then came into the house in Capel Gardens, Seven Kings and the men demanded her valuables and began searching her home.

They raided the safe in the house taking �2,500 of cash and about �10,000 of jewellery.

They then punched her in the stomach and stole the jewellery she was wearing before heading towards Ashburton Avenue.

The attack happened on Friday October 5 at about 3pm.

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The first man is white, between 40-49 years old, about 5ft11in tall and of medium build.

He had short brown hair and facial stubble. He was wearing a smart white shirt, black jacket, trousers and black shoes. He had a ring on his right hand and spoke with a cockney accent.

The second man was black, between 20-29 years old and about 5ft8in tall. He had a stocky build with short black afro and was wearing a purple hooded top with yellow writing, blue jeans, black trainers and black gloves.

If you have any information about the incident contact 020 8345 2680, or if you wish to remain anonymous, Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.