Exclusive: Escort called Barbie says she regrets racist tirade at taxi driver she spat at

Jet Black British Barbie outside Chelmsford Magistrates Court.

Jet Black British Barbie outside Chelmsford Magistrates Court. - Credit: michael fresco

A Woodford Green escort and former glamour model who spat in a taxi driver’s face before hurling racist abuse at him, has spoken of her regret exclusively to the Recorder.

Jet Black British Barbie, of Repton Park, pleaded guilty to racially aggravated assault in May at an earlier hearing and was sentenced to a one year community order at Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court on Friday.

The 32-year-old said she had been using Martini Radio Cars, Chigwell Road, Woodford Green, for five years and “had never had a problem before”.

She said she “100 per cent regrets” spitting in Ramin Sasani’s face, shouting racist abuse and threatening to report him to the police for rape, outside the David Lloyd Leisure Centre, Roding Lane, Chigwell.

She claimed she was provoked after a racist remark from Mr Sasani, but the court ruled this out.

Barbie, who changed her name from Natalie Springer six years ago, said: “I know it was wrong to react the way I did and spitting is not nice, but I was just so upset I didn’t think about my actions.

“I’m just a normal person who sometimes says things they don’t mean.

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“I am not a racist person and have friends from all different backgrounds.”

During an earlier hearing, the court was told she had called the cab driver rude when he didn’t thank her for the £4 fare.

It was said that she became hysterical and attacked him.

She added: “I grabbed him by the shirt but that was it. I deserve my sentence and I’m looking forward to helping those that are homeless, but I don’t agree with the fine.”

As well 200 hours of unpaid service, Barbie will have to pay £250 in compensation, £60 victim surcharge and £600 costs to the Crown Prosecution Service.