Evidence of drug use found on Ilford estate

A councillor has said “enough is enough” after residents found evidence of drug use on their housing estate.

People living at Mount Pleasant, Ilford Lane, have repeatedly found users in the stairwell of a block, as well as paraphernalia associated with the smoking of crack cocaine.

The latest discovery, last Thursday, led Loxford ward councillor Filly Maravala to criticise Redbridge Homes-run antisocial behaviour teams.

He said: “This is not acceptable. We have set up a housing antisocial behaviour team, what on earth are they doing about this and other issues on other estates like Medway Close and Buttsbury, are they blind or have they just got their heads buried in the sand?”

In a letter to Redbridge Homes officer Duncan Steeper, Cllr Maravala wrote: “We in Loxford are suffering because of your team’s incompetence in addressing these issues. Enough is enough.”

Resident Jean Terry said she was alerted to the drug use by a neighbour before spotting it herself on Thursday.

She said: “When I arrived home from work I happened to notice two adults and one minor sitting on the stairs.

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“I spotted another male adult standing where these photos were taken. I told him to get out of the block.”

A Redbridge Homes spokesman said: “We are aware of the reported incident and are investigating.

“We believe this was an isolated incident and our caretakers, who clean the blocks regularly, are being asked to be extra vigilant and to report any further concerns immediately.

“We are aware that some issues of antisocial behaviour is as a result of people who aren’t residents accessing parts of the estate.

“All the blocks have security doors and we’ve recently written to residents about the risks of letting people in who they don’t know. Following this incident we will do this again.

“Officers from the council’s community safety team are working with colleagues from Redbridge Homes and other partners, including the police, to resolve issues of antisocial behaviour in South Ilford.”

The spokesman continued: “Officers from the council’s community safety team are working with colleagues from Redbridge Homes and other partners including the police to resolve issues of anti-social behaviour in South Ilford.

“This work includes the provision of additional CCTV cameras and the joint funding, with Redbridge Homes of a variety of crime prevention improvements on the Mount Pleasant estate, including gating.

“The police and the council have continued to target anti-social behaviour in the area during October and November.

“The Loxford Safer Neighbourhood Team have conducted a number of pro-active operations with the assistance of the Metropolitan Police Service’s Territorial Support Group aimed at tackling anti-social behaviour, street prostitution, drug users and kerb crawling around Loxford ward.

“There have been many arrests followed up with anti-social behaviour orders at court. Police were targeting the problem this week and these operations will continue.

“We would ask any Redbridge Homes resident if they witness an incident on their estate to telephone us immediately on 020 8518 2400 or call the police directly. Residents are advised to always dial 999 in an emergency.”