Dog mauled to death in horror Clayhall Park attack

A couple have been left “absolutely devastated” after their dog was killed by a Rottweiler in Clayhall Park on Saturday.

Yorkshire terrier Parker was “savaged” while out walking with owner Brendan Myers, of Clayhall and other pet Maizie, a Westie, at around noon.

The five-year-old was �taken to Goddard Vetinary Group in New Wanstead, Wanstead, but was �pronounced dead on arrival.

Mr Myers’ wife Nikki said: “We are gutted beyond �belief, we can’t believe it.

“He was a special dog and we have been affected terribly. We are trying to carry on as best we can but it’s almost impossible. We have experienced the loss of a dog before but this is something else.”

The 42-year-old added: “What makes this more �tragic was that Parker was a rescue dog.

“He had only been with us for a week and we absolutely fell in love with him.”

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Cricket pavilion

The incident happened when Parker, who was off his lead, approached the Rottweiler who was sitting under a bench near the cricket �pavilion.

“Parker sniffed him as dogs do and another dog also approached afterwards,” Mrs Myers said.

“Parker went back again and, unprovoked, he was grabbed, pulled under the bench and savaged. There was a lot of screaming and shouting going on. It was horrific.”

The Rottweiler owner left without giving any details and the couple now want to find him to “make the park safe”. They have reported the matter to police.

Mrs Myers said: “We don’t want this to happen to �another dog or, God forbid, a human.

“It’s frightening and we need to raise awareness of what is out there because there are clearly dangerous dogs in the park which shouldn’t be.”

The Rottweiler is unusual in that it has a tail as they are normally docked.

The owner is described as being of Asian appearance and aged from 30 to mid 40s.