Disabled badge holders reminded to keep cars secure in wake of thefts

Disabled parking sign

Disabled parking sign - Credit: Archant

Disabled parking badge holders across the borough are being reminded to keep their cars secure following an increase in blue badge thefts.

Between September 1, 2013 and December 11, 2013, there were 28 badges stolen from parked cars in Redbridge, eight cars of which were unlocked or which had their windows open.

Fifteen cars had their windows smashed to get at the badges, which are usually stuck on the windscreen or displayed on the dashboard.

Ilford police officer, Claire Jackson, said: “The nature of disabled parking spaces mean they’re usually close to shops and restaurants so we need people to keep an eye out and to report anything suspicious.

“Badge holders need to remember to lock their cars and windows to make it difficult for the thieves.”

Blue badges allow disabled people to park in prime city centre spots and in some cases avoid the London congestion charge, so they are seen as desirable by thieves.