Cricket bats and noisy dogs: Redbridge residents living in fear of burglary

Redbridge's Police Borough commander Sue Williams says residents should not take matters into their

Redbridge's Police Borough commander Sue Williams says residents should not take matters into their own hands. - Credit: Archant

Cricket bats, baseball bats and noisy dogs are some of the methods being deployed as impromptu “weapons” by Redbridge householders living in fear that they may fall victim to burglary.

The Recorder questioned its social media followers whether they keep something at hand to protect themselves and their property against intruders, following a startling survey which claims more than half of Londoners keep a weapon handy at home.

Razor, of Barkingside, said on “I hate to say it but I have a baseball bat by my bed. If I was woken up to hear and find someone in my house, I would not hesitate to use it to protect my family and castle.

“Why shouldn’t I, these people that feel they can break in and steal my hard earned items are low life scum.”

Julie Fallon Bradley took to the Recorder’s Facebook page to say: “I know a lady who uses a cricket bat to secure her patio doors by sliding it through the gaps in the handles.”

Meanwhile, Mark Tufano said: “I just sing and they run a mile...”

Davinia Whu Chalkley provided her justification and said: “It’s my home, my family and my rules. Do not enter unless you have permission too.”

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The capital’s adults feel nervous particularly when home alone, the poll of 2,000 adults by security firm ADT found.

The survey found that Londoners generally would also use umbrellas, golf clubs or frying pans in defence.

Borough Commander Sue Williams said: “We do not recommend residents arming themselves or taking matters into their own hands.

“Always call 999 and we will respond ASAP, leave it to us to tackle any burglars.

“If anyone would like crime prevention advice they should contact their local safer neighbourhood team, see link to our website.

“Don’t forget we have 25,000 less victims this year compared to the previous 12 months.”

Redbridge, has a roughly average number of crimes coming 19/32 London boroughs for total amount of crime in 2012/13. However, it ranks number two for the perceived “fear of crime”. This suggests that residents live in far greater fear of criminal activity than the statistics suggest is justified.

The borough did, however, come 10th for the number of burglaries.