Clementswood and Mayfield residents warned of dangers of distraction theft

A meeting saw local police and trading standards officers join forces to advise residents how to protect themselves from bogus callers and distraction theft.

The event was organised by Green Party Activist Wilson Chowdhry and took place at East Ilford Betterment Partnership’s Mayfield and Clementswood community centre.

It was attended by Adrian Simpson of the Redbridge trading standards team, who spoke about scammers impersonating trading standards officers.

He passed around his ID badge to residents to prevent them being duped by forgeries and explained there are no circumstances in which a legitimate officer would come to someone’s home and ask for money at the door.

He said: “If someone calling at your door has no appointment, they should be given no entry.”

Scams residents were advised to be aware of included bogus telephone calls, false income tax rebate emails, roofing and driveway scams.

Resident Leonard Smith described the drainage scam which had led to him losing £5,000 just three weeks ago, and was applauded for his bravery.

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PCSO Heidi Coupe-Wilson, from Mayfield Neighbourhood Police Team, said: “If you are not convinced of the identity of the caller, don’t let them in.

“Please ensure you treat every stranger with caution.”

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