Clayhall newsagent caught selling fake drinks

The resident said the drink had a weird smell and chemical taste. Picture: Google Maps

The resident said the drink had a weird smell and chemical taste. Picture: Google Maps - Credit: Archant

A Clayhall shop employee has been fined for selling counterfeit vodka to customers who believed they were buying well-known, branded spirits.

Mr Nevzat Sanli, who works for Glades Food and Wine, Atherton Road, was caught out after he sold a fake 20cl bottle of Glen’s vodka to an unsuspecting resident in May 2017.

Barkingside Magistrates court heard that when the customer opened the bottle, the liquid had “a chemical smell” and “weird taste”.

The resident returned to the shop to inform staff and then made a complaint to Citizens Advice who notified the Redbridge Council’s trading standards team.

The bottles were sent to Glen Catrine Bonded Warehouse laboratory for testing and the product was confirmed to be fake.

The labels and caps were forged, while the liquid was found to have an alcohol strength of 36.98per cent rather than the legal minimum requirement of 37.5pc.

There was also no lot code on the bottle and it had “a smell of methanol”.

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Mr Sanli was prosecuted by Redbridge Council and pleaded guilty on Friday, September 14.

He must now pay out £2,450 which includes a £400 fine, £2,020 in court costs and £30 victim surcharge.

Councillor Bob Littlewood, cabinet member for crime, safety and community cohesion, said: “This is a dangerous breach of the rules that are there to protect us as consumers.

“It’s appalling that such risk would be taken.

“Consumers put trust in traders and rightfully expect to receive official goods that are as stated. I’m pleased with the ruling and I hope it acts to deter others from this dangerous and illegal behaviour.”

The offences were committed under Regulation 9 of the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 and section 92 of the Trade Marks Act 1994.

The bottle and its labelling had unauthorised use of the official trademark.

If you suspect that a shop or individual is selling illegal or fake goods contact Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 03454 04 05 06 or report it online at