Robbers force filmmaker, 20, to drink ammonia after teenage girl lured him to Ilford home, jury told

Jurors were told that Courtney Raymond, 20, was placed in an induced coma for 13-days after being fo

Jurors were told that Courtney Raymond, 20, was placed in an induced coma for 13-days after being forced to drink ammonia. - Credit: Archant

Ammonia was poured down the throat of a music video producer after he was lured into an Ilford home by a phoney teenage singer and ambushed, a court heard.

Snaresbrook Crown Court jurors were told yesterday (November 12) how a gang of four attacked two filmmakers in Argyle Road, robbing them of their equipment and spraying them with ammonia, on June 13 this year.

It was alleged that three of the robbers went on to enjoy a meal at a Turkish restaurant later that day.

Makayla Hajaig, 19, William Deo, 20, and Adam Badejo, 30, each stand accused of two counts of throwing corrosive liquid, two counts of robbery, one count of GBH with intent and another of ABH.

A fourth defendant, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is charged with the same offences but has been deemed unfit for trial.

He may be tried after being assessed at a later date.

Hajaig, formerly of Barley Lane, Chadwell Heath, also faces an additional charge of assisting in the commissioning of the six aforementioned offences.

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Prosecutor Nathan Rasiah spoke of how victims Courtney Raymond and Jordan Dubois, both 20, visited a home in Argyle Road on the evening of June 13 believing they were going to shoot a music video.

Jurors were told that Hajaig messaged the pair’s video production company CR Spex through Instagram in May while masquerading as singer Stafia who, in real-life, has no connection to the case.

They eventually agreed on Ilford as the filming location for her song “Creepy”, the court heard.

“On that day Courtney and Jordan went and met [Hajaig] outside the address, who greeted them by asking if they were the camera guys,” said Mr Rasiah

“[Hajaig] said it was her sister who contacted them and she was inside.”

Jurors were told that Hajaig led them both into the property and asked them to wait in the hall.

“On the ground floor of the property there is a large electrical cupboard which burst open suddenly and two men [allegedly Deo and Badejo] jumped out,” Mr Rasiah said.

“A third came running down the stairs.”

He added: “At least one of them was wearing a balaclava and at least one of them had a bottle containing a liquid which was squirted on Mr Dubois and Mr Raymond and both of them felt a burning sensation and an unmistakable smell of ammonia.”

“Don’t move! Stay down! Take off your bag!” one alleged attacker shouted at Mr Dubois as he fell to the ground and was stamped on.

Mr Raymond, pinned into a corner, fell to his knees after being punched in the stomach but was forced to his feet again, the court heard.

“Someone shouted [at Mr Raymond] to open his mouth,” Mr Rasiah continued.

“As he did someone shouted to pour the liquid into his mouth and down his throat.”]

“He felt his throat burning, his whole body burning.”

He collapsed on the floor and the gang took his black adidas bag containing his filming equipment and left, Mr Rasiah said.

Mr Raymond and Mr Dubois managed to get away and staggered to the home of neighbour Damien Butler who began pouring water over their faces.

After being taken to Queens Hospital, Mr Raymond was placed into an induced coma for 13-days and suffered edema and swelling of the airways.

Jurors were shown CCTV stills said to be Deo, from Archway, and Hajaig parking up on Argyle Road in a Vauxhall Insignia and walking into the property moments before the alleged attack.

They also saw stills said to show Badejo, of Valence Wood Road, Dagenham, arriving at the address separately in Black Mercedes.

After the incident, Deo and Hajaig are captured on CCTV having a meal at a branch of Turkish restaurant Gokyuzu, Mr Rasiah added.

“They all sit down and have a meal - they are there for about 45 minutes,” he said.

“Some footage of the meal can subsequently be found on Hajaig’s phone.”

Jurors were also shown CCTV stills taken 30 minutes after the offence said to show Badejo returning to his girlfriend’s address in Summerfield House in Dagenham with a black Adidas rucksack allegedly similar to that taken from Mr Dubois.

Summing up his opening statement, Mr Rasiah said: “They accept presence at the scene,”

There does not appear to be any issue in relation to identification.

“The issue broadly is one of knowledge and participation.

“They each in their own way seem to be saying we didn’t know this was going to happen.

“The prosecution’s case is that they clearly and gainly did.

He added: “They had different roles but they each shared a common purpose.”

Hajaig was arrested on June 17 at her former home in Barley Lane and her mobile phone seized.

Jurors were told that the internet history on Hajaig’s iPhone revealed eBay search for terms including “five litre ammonia industrial grade use” and “superb quality industrial use ammonia 33pc” at around 3am the day before the attack.

William Deo was caught on July 4, following a police manhunt.

He was found staying at the Redmond Hotel, in Archway, using the fake name “Johnny Robinson”, the court heard.

After reviewing CCTV footage they spotted him despite having dyed his hair “from dark brown to bright ginger”, Mr Rasiah said.

Badejo was arrested and interviewed on June 19 and refused to answer any questions, the court heard.

The trial continues.