Car thieves ‘targeting’ older cars for scrap metal value

Car thieves could be targeting older cars for their scrap metal value after reports of two thefts in the Woodford Green area.

A five-year-old silver Ford Fiesta was taken from the drive of a home in Monkham’s Drive between 10.30pm on Friday and Saturday morning.

Its 46-year-old owner, who did not wish to be named, said the car was her elderly mother’s “lifeline”.

The owner discovered the car was gone at 9am on Saturday.

She was told by police investigating that thieves are “after older cars because of their scrap metal value”.

She said: “We’re devastated and deflated and my mum is in shock.”

The car held her mother’s blue badge, which provides parking concessions for people with mobility problems, and her walking stick.

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The owner was also told by police that a Ford Galaxy was taken from Knighton Drive, Woodford Green, on Wednesday evening.

The Recorder has asked Redbridge Police to comment.