Police up patrols after anti-social behaviour reports near surgery

The Doctor's House in Cameron Road

The Doctor's House in Cameron Road - Credit: Google

Police have said they have increased patrols after concerns about anti-social behaviour near a doctors surgery in Seven Kings.

Ikram Khan, practice business manager of The Doctor's House, in Cameron Road, told the Recorder he has made a number of reports to police in recent weeks but said the problem has been ongoing "over the last two years".

He said: "We've had people trying to sleep at the front entrance. They take drugs, they are drunk, they leave mess and they are threatening to staff and patients."

On one occasion last month, Ikram claimed that a person "threatened to beat me up".

In another incident in May, he alleges that a group of five were hostile towards him when he was alone at the surgery.

A Met spokesperson said the force shared concerns about anti-social behaviour in the Cameron Road area.

They explained that high visibility patrols had been increased there in recent weeks and that a number of community protection notices had been issued to repeat offenders.

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Brentwood resident Ikram, who has worked at The Doctor's House for two and a half years, said he has made a complaint about the police.

"There are not enough police", he said. "They turn up when they feel there is an imminent threat of danger.

"I am responsible that the environment is safe for my team and the patients. At the moment, I cannot manage that."

Officers from the Met's Safer Neighbourhood Team are available to give more information on the action being taken, the force spokesperson said.

They added: "Where the behaviour poses a threat to the public, officers will be sent to deal with the issue. More broadly, however, we know that enforcement alone will not address the problem.

"We are continuing to work closely with the local authority and with other partners to try to address the issues that lie behind the antisocial behaviour, in particular the drug and alcohol addiction that is as much a public health challenge as it is a criminal justice one."